Our Teachers

We, the teachers, often talk of SJSH as our family. We, as do your children, have our good days and our bad days, our triumphs and our failures, our joys and our exasperations.

Once your child is accepted into SJSH, we accept the daunting responsibility to care for them as if they were our own. We promise that we will do everything we can to ensure that the young people entrusted to our care are safe, surrounded by good role models, treated with respect and offered every possibility of success.

The Founders of Scholars’ Hall

Teacher Qualifications
There are two kinds of teachers; vocational teachers and occupational teachers. For the vocational teacher, teaching is their life. For the occupational teacher, teaching is their job. At Scholars’ Hall we have instructors who’s vocation is to teach. At Scholars’ Hall we also know that certified does not always mean qualified and we know that all private schools in Ontario are not required to employ teachers certified by the Ontario College of Teachers.

As a result, Scholars’ Hall gives hiring preference; first, to qualified applying teachers with certification from or recognized by the Ontario College of Teachers; second, to qualified applying teachers with other teacher training; third, to qualified applying teachers with a curriculum related university degree or a college diploma; and finally, to those qualified individuals who have the necessary ability, aptitude character and background to teach children. Scholars’ Hall reviews the the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) Public Register for any information relating to teachers who are in or who apply to be in the school’s employ. All of Scholars’ Hall teachers registered with the OCT are members in good standing. As a condition of commencement of employment all full time staff, part time staff and volunteers are required to provide a criminal reference police check which adheres to the policies of the Ontario College of Teachers. All teachers are contractually bound by a code of professional conduct.

Teaching Staff 2016 – 2017
Ms. Rebecca Zister – Junior and Senior Kindergarten
Mr. Chris Burns – Grade 1/2
Mrs. Martha Ramirez – Grade 1/2 (Head of Elementary School)
Ms. Janine Vink – Grade 3/4
Mr. Victor Ly – Grade 5/6
Ms. Catherine Cook – Grade 5/6
Mr. Sean McKee – Grade 7/8 (Head Coordinator)
Mr. Adam Hall – Grade 7/8 (Head of Middle School)
Mrs. Amanda Butcher – Grade 9/10 Math and Science, 10 Careers/Civics, 9 Geography, 10 History (Head of High School)
Mrs. Catherine Govia – Grades 9 to 12 English
Mr. David Gartshore – Grade 11/12 Math (Functions, Data, Calculus) and Science (Biology, Physics, Chemistry), grade 11 Financial Mathematics, and grade 11 Accounting
Ms. Rachel Arthur – Grades JK to 12 French
Mrs. Krissy Werner – Grades JK to 10 Music
Mr. Scott McNichol – Grades 5 to 12 Art

Mrs. Erin Doyle – Primary St. Jude’s
Ms. Johanna Atamaniuk – Junior St. Jude’s
Mrs. Tanya Farrell – Intermediate St. Jude’s

Mrs. Zabrina Wilson – Secretary
Mrs. Bonnie Gore – Business Administrator
Mrs. Cherylynne McKee – Principal
Mr. Fred Gore – Director

As of January 1st, 2017 Ontario’s Accessible Employment Law has been updated. Scholars’ Hall welcomes and encourages applications from people with disabilities. Accommodations are available on request for candidates taking part in all aspects of the selection process.