School Year

Come and Continue to Learn while Others Forget!

Elementary School

Scholars’ Hall is listening to parents and educating children for tomorrow’s reality. In addition to the regular September – June school year, Scholars’ Hall offers a comprehensive HeadStart Summer Program to ensure that our students keep learning while others forget. This full year schooling program is offered for students between Grades JK – 8. Click here for more information on our highly successful HeadStart Summer Program.

High School

The high school program at Scholars’ Hall provides students with a powerful edge over their peers. Our unique 3 semester program allows students to accumulate additional credits and complete the high school curriculum more quickly, giving them an advantage toward University admissions. The high school schedule has been purposefully aligned with the standard university academic calendar in order to better prepare our students for the post-secondary challenge.

The schedule is as follows: 

1st SemesterSeptember to
4 Credits
2nd SemesterJanuary to April4 Credits
3rd SemesterMay to August 2-4 Credits

Why Choose Full-Year Schooling?

Keep reading to find out why the unique school year gives our students an edge.


More than a century ago, the  school year was restricted to September – June in order to allow the school children to work on the farm during the most busy farming months.  In July and August children would be busy from sun-up to sun-down with chores around the farm. Back in these older times, parents told educators that their children could not be in school because they were needed at home.

Today, parents have expressed their concern over this antiquated school year schedule. There is no longer a valid reason why children should only be at school for eight and a half months a year instead of twelve. In modern times, a traditional September – June school year is no longer needed but our school system has not adapted to the changes in our way of life. With 10 weeks off school, parents are forced to plan and schedule their children’s time in camps and other forms of childcare. The break is so long that children forget much of what they learned the year before. Teachers spend the first number of weeks in September only for review of the previous year and to re-establish previously learned skills. A valuable portion of the school year is wasted helping kids remember what they forgot over the summer.

Now more than ever, our children need better than a century old education. Without educational hours that are competitive with children of China, Japan, Korea and many other countries, our children will be hard pressed to compete globally for post-secondary education and employment opportunities.

Scholars’ Hall has taken a leadership role in the educational field, by introducing a Full-Year School which allows parents a great deal of flexibility, and gives our students a marked advantage.

This full year schooling program has been offered at Scholars’ Hall for grades JK-2 since 2001. In September 2009, Scholars’ Hall introduced the full year option to its students up to grade 6. Beginning September 2012 Scholars’ Hall adjusted its high school year to match the standard university academic calendar, offering 3 semesters instead of the usual 2. 

At the elementary level (JK-8)

We offer a traditional school year schedule (September to June), but also provide the option for students to continue learning on a flexible full or part-time schedule throughout July and August. This allows for a huge increase in a child’s instructional hours each year and allows them to maintain valuable skills they learned the year before. Students start the school year again in September feeling confident and equipped to excel in their new grade.

At the high school level

Our three-semester system allows students to fast-track through high school. There is an opportunity to earn four credits every four months rather than four credits every five months like in the public system. Scholars’ grads will be presented with two additional points of entry into post-secondary institutions –  January and May. This provides a huge advantage over their peers, as all of the public school students are forced compete at one time over limited spots each September.

Providing flexible full-year schooling options allows every family to make their own decision regarding attendance in July and/or August as best suits their own plans. Some parents may keep their child at home for the summer; some parents may take their children on an extended visit to family and relatives in their home country for the summer; while some parents must continue work and will want their child to continue in the excellent learning environment at Scholars’ knowing that they have the flexibility to take their family vacation when ever is best suited for them.

The educational advantage is enormous and allows each child to progress well beyond any level they would be achieving in the publicly funded system.

The parent’s advantage is equally as great. Parents need not struggle to arrange activities, camps and sitters for the summer. The whole year remains the same. There is no disruption to the family’s daily routines.