Senior (Grades 9-12)

In September 2012, Scholars’ Hall became the first high school in Canada to switch to a university Tri-Semester year!

Tri-Semester Advantages for Scholars’ Hall students . . .

In High School . . .

The Scholars’Hall Advantage:

Scholars’ Hall has a classes half the size of the publicly funded system. Scholars’ students are provided a great amount of help, individual instruction, and personal involvement and guidance from some of the finest teachers ever to prepare students for post-secondary success. With such a small class our teachers are able to give individual and in-depth instruction, constant and consistent daily feedback and motivation to maximize individual performance and effort. At this level, our teachers become personal mentors and advisors.

Achieving goals,one day at a time,for a lifetime.

Our students earn their place in the post-secondary institution of their choice – they don’t have to compete for a place! And they do it because of Scholars’ Hall.