online @Home Private School

Scholars’ Hall @Home DaySchool
for grades 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8

@Home classes began on Tuesday, September 8.
The number of seats per class is limited to a maximum of fifteen (15) students.
There are some seats available for immediate registration.
Once present classes are full registered, additional classes will be activated as soon as 10 new students have reserved a seat.

Direct questions to

Students will receive Ontario curriculum instruction appropriate to or greater than grade level just completed.

Daily, structured, teacher-taught class delivered through Zoom and Edmodo. Scholars’ @Home students will be placed in a graded class with their own teacher and a maximum of fourteen other students. Scholars’ @Home Private School is a live taught/learning interactive classroom environment. Class participation will be expected and daily homework will be assigned. Curriculum will be above the provincial standard and will be accelerated for those students who want to excel.

Scholars’ @Home PrivateSchool begins at 8:30 every day with Language class. At 9:55 the students will take a recess break and will be encouraged to get a snack, something to drink and to stretch. At 10:05, Scholars’ @Home PrivateSchool will resume with Math class which will continue until 11:30. Then it will be lunch from 11:30 to 12:30. At 12:30, Scholars’ @Home PrivateSchool will resume with a Social Science class where History, Geography and Science will be taught in 3-month units.

Additionally, Scholars’ @Home PrivateSchool will make available, from 2 pm to 3:30 daily, the ExtraHelp Club and the HomeWork Club. One2One instruction is also available.

Scholars’ @Home Private School for students entering Grade 3 to Grade 8

 Students will receive Ontario curriculum instruction appropriate to or greater than grade level just completed. Homework will be given daily and checked daily for completion and understanding. All students attending will be required to adhere to the Scholars’ Hall Code of Behaviour and Teachabilty.

Early seat reservation is recommended. Direct questions to


Scholars’ Hall @Home Tutoring School

SJSH@Home Extra Help Club®

SJSH@Home Junior HomeWork Club®

SJSH@Home Senior HomeWork Club® 

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Extra Help Club (EHC) and Homework Club (HWC) Pricing 2020/2021

Months EHC 2x/wk EHC 4x/wk EHC Saturday HWC 4x/wk HWC 3x/wk HWC 2x/wk
10 $1520 $2430 $1170 $2020 $1620 $1220
9 $1470 $2400 $1155 $2010 $1605 $1200
8 $1400 $2330 $1120 $1960 $1560 $1160
7 $1310 $2220 $1065 $1870 $1485 $1100
6 $1200 $2070 $990 $1740 $1380 $1020
5 $1070 $1880 $895 $1570 $1245 $920
4 $920 $1650 $780 $1360 $1080 $800
3 $750 $1380 $630 $1110 $885 $660