Accende Magnitudinem - Igniting Greatness

Waterloo Region's University Preparatory School
Local and International Students preparing for their first choice College or University

Nondenominational Multicultural International

Why choose
scholar’s hall?
Scholars' Hall
is the only nondenominational private school in KW. Students from all faiths and all nationalities feel equally at home in SH. In addition, Scholars’ provides courses of study at many levels of instruction, allowing students, not only access to the University of their choice, but, SH gives them a huge advantage when seeking admission to the much sought after applied degrees at Ontario’s Community Colleges.

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a life long work ethic!

The Homework Habit needs to be truly owned by a student. Homework must be given consistently, on a daily basis and in amounts that each child perceives as "do-able".

At Scholars' Hall the "rule of thumb" for the total amount of homework assigned, each school night, will be 5 minutes X's their grade.

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Tips for a Great Year
Eat Smart Food
at breakfast because it is the most important meal for peak academic performance. Serve them an egg sandwich or melted cheese on toast. The protein - carb combo keeps kids energized. Toast up whole-grain bread or frozen whole-grain waffles. The fiber they deliver will keep kid's stomachs satisfied longer and deliver loads of glucose which fuels brain power.

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Parents' & Students' Comments

April 14, 2014
Hello Mrs. McKee !! So happy to hear from you.
My last exam is on Thursday. My marks are great and I've been studying pretty hard, so I'm not worried. I have to admit, from the beginning, I haven't been able to keep off my mind how prepared Scholars’ made me for college, and nursing in general. The skills I obtained at Scholars’ are ones other students, ages 20+, aren't even close to. I'm the youngest in my class and the only one, straight out of high school, without Pre-Health.

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