Admissions and Tuition

* Please note: For September 2022, seats for new students, in all grades, are very limited. Until such time (latest will be Sept 2023) that our expansion can be constructed, wait lists are an unfortunate necessity. Once construction is completed, Scholars’ Hall will be able to accommodate the families who have placed their children on the SJSH’s wait list.  

The Gift of an Excellent Education

Over the last three decades, the value of a Scholars’ Hall Education has been described by our graduates and their parents alike as somewhere between “worth every penny” and “Priceless”. In addition to a superior academic curriculum, the encouragement of positive character formation; the development of responsible leadership skills; the establishment of life-long friendships; the environment of family values and the ownership of a dedicated work ethic are some of the intangible values at Scholars’ Hall.

More About Tuition

There are several major private schools in the Waterloo region. All but one is affiliated with churches or a specific faith. Scholars’ Hall is the only non-denominational school.

The majority of these are only elementary schools or high schools, not both. Scholars’ Hall is a Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12 School.

All private schools except Scholars’ Hall have class sizes approaching or, in some cases, surpassing the public system. Depending upon each year’s grade registration, class sizes in Scholars’ Hall are approximately 1/2 that of the public school system.

The faith base schools accept children not of the school’s faith, but costs for those children to attend are much higher. These costs include tuition fees, transportation fees, school fees and required/expected donations.

Scholars’ Hall believes that an education is the only gift once given cannot be taken away. Scholars’ Hall makes it possible for parents to give this gift to all their children.

What does a Scholars’ tuition include?

Tuition includes the in-school, delivery of the Ontario Ministry of Education academic curriculum in small classes 1/2 the size of the publicly funded schools – ideally, 15 students. The provincial curriculum can be adapted and accelerated to meet the academic skill levels of the students in the class groupings. All text books are on loan from Scholars’ Hall and are to be returned at the end of each semester in good condition. It is understood that a Scholars’ Hall student will not need or require any modifications to the provincial curriculum but some minor accommodations may be provided.

How does a Scholars’ tuition compare to the other private schools?

At the JK, SK and Primary grades of 1, 2 and 3, a Scholars’ Hall’s tuition is the same, or less than, daycare. The Junior, Intermediate and High School grades a Scholars’ tuition continues to be more affordable than most other schools.

How may the tuition be paid?
There are three options for payment: Full Payment and Monthly Payments. When you register, you must inform us which payment method suits your family.

Other than tuition are there any additional fees or costs?

  1. uniform (approx. $200 – $400 yearly)
  2. a daily journal (approx. $5)
  3. after school supervision ($120 per month)
  4. required materials (art); workbooks for personal consumption (approx. $15)
  5. transportation is the responsibility of each family.
  6. school productions and the year-end camping trip ($5 to $40/person)
  7. Grade 7 -12 students require a calculator and a Windows Tablet or laptop.

Is there any fundraising?
At most private or independent schools, in addition to paying the tuition, fundraising by parents, to meet the school’s annual financial operational responsibilities, is required. Scholars’ Hall does not require or even expect its parents to be responsible for any part of the school’s annual financial operation. At Scholars’ Hall, students are encouraged to participate in various fund raising drives for those less fortunate in local and world communities.

How does Scholars’ Hall assist families to provide their children with the best education?

    1. 1st sibling’s tuition reduced by 40%; other siblings’ tuitions reduced by 60%.
    2. according to Revenue Canada, 30% of the tuition may be claimed as Child Care Expense


      • the student is of average intelligence or above;
      • the student is academically capable of achieving in a grade appropriate program;
      • the student is a person of good and moral conduct;
      • the student will continue to meet the standard of good citizenship;
      • the student is sincere in the desire to improve academic performances;
      • the student’s parents will support and promote the philosophies, standards & policies, the staff and the decisions of Scholars’ Hall.

Students will be expected, at all times, to be good citizens, and respectful of authority. Students will be required to complete all assigned tasks to the best of their ability and they will be challenged to achieve to their potential. Students will treated with consistency, understanding, and fairness. Scholars’ Hall students will be expected to develop an understanding of their individual responsibility for personal choices. When a student meets or exceeds expectations we are able to accomplish our Objectives and they will, most assuredly, experience the JOY of LEARNING!

More about the admission process

Admission Process
Admission to Scholars’ Hall Private School can be completed in as little as a few days. Typically, the admission process is as follows:

      1. Call Scholars’ Hall for a tour/meeting (519 888 6620)
      2. Meet with the Principal, Mrs. Cheryl McKee
      3. Book a day for your child(ren) to experience the Scholars’ Hall difference!
      4. Complete the Academic testing (not a condition of acceptance, but rather to establish your child’s best academic placement)
      5. Complete the Registration, Student Information Form, and provide deposit.
      6. Order the uniform.
      7. Welcome to SJSH!

Scholars’ Hall will contact your child’s former school to make the transfer official. An OSR request form will be faxed out and your child’s academic records will come directly to us.

International Students

For more information on international admissions, please contact the Director of Education, Mr. Fred Gore –