The Scholars’ Advantage

Many parents, during their initial visit to Scholars’ Hall, will ask,
“How many of your graduates get accepted to university?”


But actually, parents should really ask,
“How many of Scholars’ Hall’s graduates earn a degree?”

(The answer to both questions are at the bottom of this page)

The Scholars’ Hall Advantage is . . .

Scholars’ Hall strives . . .

"How many of your graduates get accepted to university?" 
Historically, all our graduates have received invitations to attend every post-secondary school to which they applied. Typically, the majority of our Grade 12 students have received unconditional invitations by the end of February (some as early as December), with many of them being offered a scholarship.
"How many of Scholars' Hall's graduates earn a degree?"  
This question is more difficult to quantify for two reasons. First, many, but not all, of our graduates stay in touch with Scholars’ Hall. The ones who do all earn a degree. Second, universities only communicate to schools about their graduates’ first year’s results. To date, and one of the reasons why universities accept our students so early, is that Scholars’ Hall graduates, unlike their peers in the publicly funded schools, perform as well as or better, in their first year of university, than they did in grade 12 at Scholars’ Hall.