Tests and Due Dates

For the homework habit to become truly owned by a student, homework must be given consistently, on a daily basis, and in amounts that each child perceives as “do-able”. At Scholars’ Hall the “rule of thumb” for the total amount of homework assigned to a student each school night will be 5 minutes X’s their grade. (A grade 3 student will be given 15 minutes of homework while a grade 11 student will be given 55 minutes of homework)

The Assignments, Tests & Due Dates

Scholars’ Hall is responsible for assigning, checking and making sure that these major curriculum components (assignments, projects, test) are done and done to the best of your child’s ability.

Submitted on time, for some students, is a skill that must be acquired. The Scholars’ teachers will be dissecting the tasks into smaller units, providing assistance and guidance, and setting interim due dates for each unit. Parents are encouraged to communicate with their child’s teacher to be reassured that these interim due dates are being met.

When a you are reviewing your child’s work and see that the work is of high quality and completeness we would enjoy receiving your comments at director@scholarshall.com

On the other hand, if you feel that we could be doing a better job we need to hear from you immediately.

As the Director, Fred Gore, always says. . . .

“We are great at solving little problems, but we’re terrible at solving big ones.” 

So don’t wait until a little concern turns into a big problem before contacting him, at director@scholarshall.com

Your son’s/daughter’s assignments, tests, projects or Independent Study Units, their due dates with a brief description will be recorded in their daily agenda that was provided to them at the beginning of the school year. Please ask to see your son’s/daughter’s agenda on a regular basis. Teachers have been instructed to check these agendas every day. Parents may also use them as a quick way to communicate with a teacher. Scholars’ Hall knows that keeping the parents informed helps our students stay on track and up-to-date.

As Parents of a Scholars’ student, you know that homework will be checked everyday and if it is not done or not done well, that we will make sure that it gets done and done well. Review your child’s completed homework on a regular basis.

Please, send your comments to me at director@scholarshall.com with regard to quantity, completeness, quality, appropriateness of level of difficulty and amount of time spent. Your comments will assist your child’s teacher(s) to continually monitor, modify or adjust our homework expectations for your child.