Our Students

A Scholars’ Student must demonstrate . . .

intelligence, politeness, honesty, respectfulness, kind heartedness, trustfulness and good behaviour.

A Scholars’ Student goal is to become . . .

hard working, organized, well read, self confident, a leader/participant, an achiever, a university/college graduate, and a contributing gobal citizen.

A Scholars’ student strives to demonstrate . . .

academic achievement appropriate for their registered grade and their skills.

Student Standards of Good Conduct and Teachability

Success at Scholars’ Hall Inc. is contingent upon five assumptions. First, that the student’s parents have accurately and completely informed and provided Scholars’ Hall with all the information and documentation regarding their child. Second, that the student is intellectually and academically capable of achieving in a grade appropriate program. Third, that the student strives to improve beyond the academic levels identified at admission. Fourth, that the student continues to meet the Standards of Good Conduct and Teachability. Finally, that the student’s parents continue to support and promote the philosophies, policies, staff and decisions of Scholars’ Hall Inc.

Some of the indicators of a student’s and parents’ continuing desire of success at Scholars’ Hall is adherence to the following Standards of Good Conduct and Teachability…

Respect for Self – a student will . . .

– be clean, neat and presentable; wearing the uniform properly at all times;
– have acceptable grooming, good personal hygiene and corporal sanctity;
– will display a positive and optimistic attitude.

Respect for Adults – a student will . . .

– interact positively with all adults, including school personnel and parents, in the classroom, in the halls, on the property, and out in public;
– comply with the authority of the school;
– comply with the Student Order and Discipline Policy and its consequences;
– adhere to the rules of the school and to the laws of the state.

Respect for Peers – a student will . . .

– respect the rights and freedom of others and their general ability to benefit from Scholars’ Hall;
– interact positively with all peers respecting their right of privacy, personal property, physical and emotional security, in the classroom, in the halls, on the property, and out in public;
– at all times will speak well of fellow students, welcome others into groups, provide assistance to others when needed, encourage others to join in; – have a positive influence upon other’s attitudes and efforts.

Concern for Community – a student will . . .

– positively & publicly promote the good will and reputation of Scholars’ Hall
– be a law abiding citizen
– respect all public and private property
– be a steward of the school’s property and building keeping it clean and free of damage;
– pick up after others and clean up after him/herself;
– participate in school fund raisers for the benefit of the school / local / world community and the environment.

Maintain/Improve Academic Effort & Performance – a student will …

– apply him/herself in each class and will maintain an academic performance equal to or better than his/her assessed abilities.
– demonstrate a daily commitment to achieve to one’s potential
– will maintain excellent attendance and punctuality;
– compete all class work, assignments, projects, and homework in a timely fashion and with due diligence.

Leadership – a student will . . .

– be honest and trustworthy;
– be a consistent and willing participant in the House League, school clubs, school social activities, come to the aid of another;
– be a visible example to others of good citizenship.

Some additional reasons why a student’s success at Scholars’ Hall Inc. would be jeopardized and/or enrollment discontinued include, but are not limited to, the negative of the Standards of Good Conduct and Teachability and its aforementioned assumptions and such indicators as tardiness, absenteeism, breaking the law, negatively affecting the public good will and reputation of the school, threatening or endangering the physical or emotional well being of another person, refusal to comply with academic or behavioural expectations, attitude, verbal or nonverbal disrespect, interference with the general ability of others to benefit from the school, negative influence upon other’s attitudes or efforts, smoking, or continuing inappropriate behaviour. All of the above indicators shall be solely at the Director’s definition. The Standards of Conduct and Teachability and its implementation is described in detail below (click on the check mark) and in various other parent and student information and is a condition of this registration and continued enrollment.

Student Order and Discipline Policy and Rules

At Scholars’ Hall every student can become a scholar!

Every student begins every month as a Student in Good Standing. A student will immediately disqualify him/herself from being considered for “Scholar of the Month” and/or retaining their “Student in Good Standing” status by choosing an office trip or by being absent the equivalent of 4 days or by earning more than 8 homework strikes in a month. At the end of every month all the students will be evaluated according to above six criteria of the Standards of Good Conduct and Teachability. As a result of this monthly evaluation, every student has an opportunity to become a “Scholar of the Month” or retain their “Student in Good Standing” status. All students who earn “Scholar of the Month” or “Student-in-Good-Standing” from September to December and/or from January to May will be taken out to an “Chinese Buffet Restaurant”.