Goals and Philosophy

Scholars’ Hall – Goals and Philosophy

Scholars’ Hall is the only nondenominational private school in KW. Students from all faiths and all nationalities feel equally at home in SH. In addition, Scholars’ provides courses of study at many levels of instruction, allowing students not only access to the University of their choice, but a huge advantage when seeking admission to post-secondary institutions.

Scholars’ Hall academically screens each student in order to identify each student’s academic potential and their specific learning strengths. This screening provides Scholars’ with invaluable information, and allows a specific educational plan to be tailored for each student. It also gives the student a tremendous learning advantage from the very first day.

As well, Scholars’ is unique in that it practices what it preaches. Scholars’ clearly states that a school, not the parents, is responsible for a child’s formal education. Scholars’ Hall is uncharacteristically responsive to parental needs. Scholars’ parents have a b sense of being listened to, of being respected, of being in charge.

Organizationally, Scholars’ Hall has a well-defined infrastructure that promotes and encourages a life long work ethic, the development of positive character traits and the daily expectation to perform to potential.

In the Waterloo Region, only Scholars’ Hall sets each class size according to the academically assessed levels of each student. The result is more instructional and interactional time our teachers have with each student. More daily instructional time, no Professional Development Days and no extended or extra holidays – all this additional instructional time gives each student the maximum opportunity to benefit from these very small classes. Because of this teacher / student time consideration, Scholars’ Hall continues to be a small school with class numbers much lower that than the 25 to 30 that is present in the publicly funded school boards. A small school better allows for and enhances the development of positive social and interpersonal skills. These skills are so essential to a child’s future career success.

Establishing a life-long work ethic is an integral part of Scholars’ educational approach. Homework and study skills, as well as organizational strategies are all incorporated into every subject promoting and encouraging each student to develop their own personal work ethic. Scholars’ Hall is the only school, public or private, in all of KW to provide everyday homework appropriate to expected learning potential levels. In this kind of environment, students will naturally progress much faster and acquire a much better educational foundation. At Scholars’ there is a consistent focus and expectation to produce work of a high personal standard. Scholars’ Hall takes its educational responsibilities so seriously that Fridays are “stay till it’s done day”. The teachers will actually remain after dismissal on a Friday until every student has, not only, completed all of their assigned work, but they will make sure that it is done appropriate to the student’s assessed potential.

Scholars’ Hall provides students the opportunity, the knowledge, the independent skills and the strength of character to be successful in University, College and in their chosen career. Scholars’ Hall truly helps Today’s Children become Tomorrow’s Citizens. Compare Scholars’ Hall’s students to the Region’s students – CLICK HERE!