Intermediate (6, 7 and 8)


Students in these grades continue to need guidance, structure, and discipline to develop their cognitive learning strategies, written expressive skills, and organization and homework/study habits to a level that prepares them for their final year in high school. The integration of previously acquired skills and knowledge with a broader knowledge base, and the emergence of independent learning attitudes and strategies are paramount during these grades.

The Scholars’ Advantage

The Scholars’ Advantage is a class of not more than 15 children whose skills from the previous levels are continually reinforced and whose ability to use and convey knowledge is practiced and improved. Active participation in the learning process, the formulation and expression of insightful opinions, and a strengthening of self directed learning receive daily emphasis in these grades at Scholars’ Hall.


At this grade level, students must be able to use the basic academic skills well. Students must continue developing their written expressive skills. Student must be acquiring the ability to think independently. Student must have a strong work ethic and must be improving their ability to focus and have a daily commitment to high achievement. And finally, students at this level must have the beginings of an unshakable belief in their ability to be successful. Very few students, in the public system leave Grade eight with these abilities well developed.

The Scholars’ Advantage really becomes evident at this grade level

Scholars’ Hall has a class of no more than 15 students who are provided a great amount of help, instruction, and guidance to achieve to their highest possible level. With such a small class our teachers are able to give individual and in-depth instruction, recognize areas needing review or remediation, provide daily feedback with regard to performance and effort, check daily for difficulties with homework and have the time to provide an intensive review prior to examinations.

In this day and age when the competition for university entrance is so strong that only those students who earn the highest grades will be accepted, it is imperative to take advantage of this opportunity at Scholars’ Hall.