Junior (3, 4 and 5)


Growing strong and confident. . .

These are also very crucial grades. A child needs to use their reading, spelling, writing and arithmetic skills not only to acquire knowledge, but to transmit information effectively and efficiently. The ability to express yourself well in the written form is the most important skill practiced at this stage of learning. If this skill is not diligently practiced, future academic success may be jeopardized. In the lower school grades students learn to read. In these Junior grades of middle school not only do students read to learn but they write to communicate.

The Scholars’ Hall Advantage

The Scholars’ Hall advantage is a class of not more than 15 children who are taught in a teacher directed, structured academic program. Phonics is taught and applied to oral reading and correct spelling. Penmanship is taught and applied to note making, journals, and homework. Memory is developed and applied to number facts, listening skills, and following instructions. Daily routines, organization skills, early development of a strong work ethic and the nurturing of a positive self image are an integral part of the learning process at Scholars’ Hall.


Getting ready for senior school. . .

In these grades, students continue to improve the academic skills of organization, study, memory and written expression. Their work ethic is challenged with regards to the growing demands of homework, assignments and projects. All of these skills and attitudes have been introduced in earlier grades, but it is here they are used on a daily basis. This stage of a student’s learning is a transition from the acquisition of skills and knowledge to the integration of acquired skills and knowledge with intellectual investigation, inquiry and creativity.

The Scholars’ Hall Advantage

The Scholars’ Hall Advantage is a class of not more than 15 students who are retaught weak skills from earlier grades; who are taught how to do homework, how to research and study, how to make notes, and how to write a good examination. The ability to form an opinion and express it and the ability to identify issues with understanding and to present realistic solutions are introduced in these grade levels at Scholars’ Hall.