Primary (JK-2)

Juniors – Junior and Senior Kindergarten

(All day, everyday for 4 and 5 year olds ready for a formalbi-lingual education)

Best beginnings at Scholars’ Hall – The parents of these young children know that a strong foundation in the basic academic skills is absolutely essential for their child’s future success in school. They realize that a positive attitude towards learning, good work habits, and a strong self esteem must be developed at this early age. These parents want their child taught in a structured, teacher directed classroom. They also want fewer children in a class so that their child receives more teacher attention and instruction. (An after school supervision program – till 5:30pm – is available).

The Scholars’ Hall Advantage

The Scholars’ Hall advantage is a class of not more than 15 children who are taught in a teacher directed, structured academic program. Phonics is taught and applied to oral reading and correct spelling. Penmanship is taught and applied to note making, journals, and homework. Memory is developed and applied to number facts, listening skills, and following instructions. Daily routines, organization skills, early development of a strong work ethic and the nurturing of a positive self image are an integral part of the learning process at Scholars’ Hall.

Seniors – Grades 1 and 2

Becoming part of the Pride at Scholars’ Hall – These are the crucial grades when a child begins to use their reading, spelling, and arithmetic skills to acquire knowledge and transmit information. The ability to express yourself in the written form is the most important skill developed at this stage of learning. If this skill is not developed well, future academic success may be jeopardized. In grades kindergarten to 2, students learn to read. In grades 3 and 4, students begin to read to learn.

The Scholars’ Hall Advantage

The Scholars’ Hall Advantage is a class of not more than 15 students whose emerging skills of reading and spelling are emphasized and strengthened. Written expressive skills of sentence structure, paragraphing, grammar, capitalization, punctuation, cohesion, and coherence are improved. The introduction of note making, research and study skills are of special importance in these grades at Scholars’ Hall. A good foundation in these important skills now will facilitate the personal best performances in the later grades.