Primary Grades 1-2

Becoming part of the Pride at Scholars’ Hall – These are the crucial grades when a child begins to use their reading, spelling, and arithmetic skills to acquire knowledge and transmit information. The ability to express yourself in the written form is the most important skill developed at this stage of learning. If this skill is not developed well, future academic success may be jeopardized. In grades kindergarten to 2, students learn to read. In grades 3 and 4, students begin to read to learn.

The Scholars’ Hall Advantage

The Scholars’ Hall Advantage is a class of not more than 15 students whose emerging skills of reading and spelling are emphasized and strengthened. Written expressive skills of sentence structure, paragraphing, grammar, capitalization, punctuation, cohesion, and coherence are improved. The introduction of note making, research and study skills are of special importance in these grades at Scholars’ Hall. A good foundation in these important skills now will facilitate the personal best performances in the later grades.

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Small classes can make a BIG difference !
Today’s Students acquiring knowledge, skills, a work ethic and character to become Tomorrow’s Leaders

Students in Grades 1 to 8
learning to set, meet and exceed personal standards

Small Classes, increased Instructional time
We hand pick our teachers not merely for their teaching qualifications but also because they have natural aptitudes and qualities. With our Scholars’ classes half the size of the publicly funded systems, teachers are able to have performance expectations appropriate to each student’s skill set and academic ability. Scholars’ teachers can then expect and challenge each student to perform up to his/her own ability not just to a provincial standard.

Nurturing Environment, Strong Family Values
Scholars’ Hall is a warm, welcoming and safe place for children to experience the Joy of Learning. Respect, honesty, kindness and understanding are all combined with the development of a life-long work ethic, positive interactive skills and personal confidence. A common sense, age referenced, Code of Behaviour, with little tolerance for inappropriate behaviour is consistently enforced at Scholars’ Hall.

Lower School Leadership Program
“Leadership is doing what is right, even when no one is looking”

Our Lower School Leadership Program is based upon The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” and “The Leader In Me” developed by Dr. Stephen Covey. It is more than just philosophy. It is embedding the principles of leadership into daily classroom life, lessons, school activities, bulletin boards and developing an attitude within each student and teacher. Our Leadership Program is established within the classroom through simple ways such as leadership notebooks (where students keep track of their personal and academic goals), group activities and artwork and once a week classes gather to take part in “Leadership Time”. This special time each week is set aside with the sole purpose to build upon the “7 Habits” and strengthen our students’ practical skills such as cooperation, self-confidence, problem solving skills and learning to learn from our mistakes. These are skills that go well beyond academia. By providing opportunities to utilize individual strengths and talents, students realize they have greatness within themselves and begin to believe that they can do well in other areas of life. Our Lower School Leadership Program takes place formally on Wednesday afternoons from 2:30-3:30. During this time students are instructed on the “7 Habits”. This is the foundation that will be built upon as students move through the program and be the base for all leadership learning. After the “7 Habits” are taught within the classroom students will have an opportunity to utilize what they have learned and work as a team. Events such as Science Fairs, Art Galas, Winter Balls, building a new library for our school and a garden are some of the ideas the students have come up with to showcase their learning. In addition, students will have opportunities to showcase their learning through Leadership Days that will occur once a month. Weekly, our senior elementary students recognize the leadership accomplishments of our younger students at an Achievement Assembly. This assembly honours a student’s greatness and talents and their contribution as part of a team to create a superior school environment.

Education, it’s not your job, it’s Ours
There are no PD days, no extra holidays, and an extra 1/2 hour of instruction every day, at Scholars’ Hall. We teach every day. We give and check homework every day. Homework is not done in class. Friday’s are “stay-till-it’s-done” day. If it is not done up to a student’s personal performance standard, it gets done again!