Senior Grades 9-12

In September 2012, Scholars’ Hall became the first high school in Canada to switch to a university Tri-Semester year!

Tri-Semester Advantages for Scholars’ Hall students . . .

In High School . . .

The Scholars’Hall Advantage:

Scholars’ Hall has a classes half the size of the publicly funded system. Scholars’ students are provided a great amount of help, individual instruction, and personal involvement and guidance from some of the finest teachers ever to prepare students for post-secondary success. With such a small class our teachers are able to give individual and in-depth instruction, constant and consistent daily feedback and motivation to maximize individual performance and effort. At this level, our teachers become personal mentors and advisors.

Achieving goals,one day at a time,for a lifetime.

Our students earn their place in the post-secondary institution of their choice – they don’t have to compete for a place! And they do it because of Scholars’ Hall.

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When your son or daughter applies to University or College, which response will they receive ?
(a) accepted at first choice;
(b) accepted at second choice;
(c) accepted at third choice;
(d) accepted at all the above:
(e) accepted at none of the above.

At Scholars’ Hall, most often, the answer is (d)*, because . . .

2019 – 2020 High School Course Calendar
2019 – 2020 High School Timetable For Course Offerings

At Scholars’ Hall Private High School we offer:

* Scholars’ Hall has no influence with any post-secondary institution and individual decisions of acceptance. All post-secondary applicants are accepted based upon that institution’s yearly program admission criteria and the number of total submissions to each post-secondary course of study and/or program.

Scholars’ Hall is the first high school in Canada to be affiliated with a post-secondary institution. Scholars’ Hall is proud to be affiliated with Conestoga College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning. Conestoga College is a leader in polytechnic education, offering university recognized Bachelor’s degrees.

Scholars’ Hall is a founding Member of the Board of Canadian Federation of University Preparatory Schools

High school registrations for all grades at Scholars’ Hall are accepted prior to each semester – August, December and April. Places are limited. Please contact the school at 519-888-6620 or