Is your child ready to learn before the system is ready to teach?

PHD @ Scholars’ Hall
(Providing HeadStart Development)

a liberal arts education beginning
and continuing from JK through Grade 2

Every Day is Open House – Come for a Visit

Qualified Caring Teachers – Small, Limited Classes Size
We have hand picked our teachers not merely for their teaching qualifications but also because they have natural parenting aptitudes and qualities. With our classes significantly size smaller than the publicly funded systems, these wonderful teachers are able to know and care for each child as if they were their own.

Nurturing Environment – Strong Family Values
Scholars’ Hall is a warm, welcoming and safe place for young children to experience the Joy of Learning. Respect, honesty, kindness, and understanding are all combined with the development of a life-long work ethic, positive interactional skills and personal confidence.

Full Days, Everyday, 10, 11 or 12 months a year Schooling
Our PHD Program is an every day, all day, program where parents have the option of 10 months, 11 months, or 12 months of schooling. There are no professional development days, no Christmas Holidays, no March Breaks and no summer holidays. Our teachers are here at Scholars’ every day except Saturdays, Sundays and Statuary Holidays. Families can take their vacations when it is convenient for them and can stay on holiday as fits their work schedule. When you return, Scholars’ will get your child back to speed with the other children in our P.H.D. Program with individual and independent tutorials.

After School Supervision Available
Everyday your child can be actively engaged from 3:30 to your pick-up (by 5:29) so you do not have to worry or rush or change your work day.

Register your child today or reserve his or her spot now for the future.

P.H.D. Program Registration

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Grade School


Small classes can make a BIG difference !
Today’s Students acquiring knowledge, skills, a work ethic and character to become Tomorrow’s Leaders

Students in Grades 1 to 8
learning to set, meet and exceed personal standards

Small Classes, increased Instructional time
We hand pick our teachers not merely for their teaching qualifications but also because they have natural aptitudes and qualities. With our Scholars’ classes half the size of the publicly funded systems, teachers are able to have performance expectations appropriate to each student’s skill set and academic ability. Scholars’ teachers can then expect and challenge each student to perform up to his/her own ability not just to a provincial standard.

Nurturing Environment, Strong Family Values
Scholars’ Hall is a warm, welcoming and safe place for children to experience the Joy of Learning. Respect, honesty, kindness and understanding are all combined with the development of a life-long work ethic, positive interactive skills and personal confidence. A common sense, age referenced, Code of Behaviour, with little tolerance for inappropriate behaviour is consistently enforced at Scholars’ Hall.

Lower School Leadership Program
“Leadership is doing what is right, even when no one is looking”

Our Lower School Leadership Program is based upon The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” and “The Leader In Me” developed by Dr. Stephen Covey. It is more than just philosophy. It is embedding the principles of leadership into daily classroom life, lessons, school activities, bulletin boards and developing an attitude within each student and teacher. Our Leadership Program is established within the classroom through simple ways such as leadership notebooks (where students keep track of their personal and academic goals), group activities and artwork and once a week classes gather to take part in “Leadership Time”. This special time each week is set aside with the sole purpose to build upon the “7 Habits” and strengthen our students’ practical skills such as cooperation, self-confidence, problem solving skills and learning to learn from our mistakes. These are skills that go well beyond academia. By providing opportunities to utilize individual strengths and talents, students realize they have greatness within themselves and begin to believe that they can do well in other areas of life. Our Lower School Leadership Program takes place formally on Wednesday afternoons from 2:30-3:30. During this time students are instructed on the “7 Habits”. This is the foundation that will be built upon as students move through the program and be the base for all leadership learning. After the “7 Habits” are taught within the classroom students will have an opportunity to utilize what they have learned and work as a team. Events such as Science Fairs, Art Galas, Winter Balls, building a new library for our school and a garden are some of the ideas the students have come up with to showcase their learning. In addition, students will have opportunities to showcase their learning through Leadership Days that will occur once a month. Weekly, our senior elementary students recognize the leadership accomplishments of our younger students at an Achievement Assembly. This assembly honours a student’s greatness and talents and their contribution as part of a team to create a superior school environment.

Education, it’s not your job, it’s Ours
There are no PD days, no extra holidays, and an extra 1/2 hour of instruction every day, at Scholars’ Hall. We teach every day. We give and check homework every day. Homework is not done in class. Friday’s are “stay-till-it’s-done” day. If it is not done up to a student’s personal performance standard, it gets done again!

High School


When your son or daughter applies to University or College, which response will they receive ?
(a) accepted at first choice;
(b) accepted at second choice;
(c) accepted at third choice;
(d) accepted at all the above:
(e) accepted at none of the above.

At Scholars’ Hall, most often, the answer is (d)*, because . . .

2016 – 2017 Course Calendar Scholars’ Hall

At Scholars’ Hall Private High School we offer:

* Scholars’ Hall has no influence with any post-secondary institution and individual decisions of acceptance. All post-secondary applicants are accepted based upon that institution’s yearly program admission criteria and the number of total submissions to each post-secondary course of study and/or program.

Scholars’ Hall is the first high school in Canada to be affiliated with a post-secondary institution. Scholars’ Hall is proud to be affiliated with Conestoga College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning. Conestoga College is a leader in polytechnic education, offering university recognized Bachelor’s degrees.

Scholars’ Hall is a founding Member of the Board of Canadian Federation of University Preparatory Schools

High school registrations for all grades at Scholars’ Hall are accepted prior to each semester – August, December and April. Places are limited. Please contact the school at 519-888-6620 or

Scholars’ Leadership Program

(Grades 7-12)

Want to know more about our Leadership Program?


Full Year Schooling


Full Year Schooling for JK, SK, Grades 1 and 2 has been offered at Scholars’ Hall since 2001. In September 2009, Scholars’ Hall introduced the full year option to its students in Grades 3 to 6.

Beginning September 2012 Scholars’ Hall adjusted its high school year to match the university academic calendar: 1st semester, September to December; 2nd semester, January to April; 3rd semester, May to August. Each semester will allow students to earn a maximum of 4 credits. Semester 3 will be split into 3A and 3B in each of which 2 or more credits can be earned. 

Come and Continue to Learn while Others Forget !

The traditional school year was first implemented to allow the school children to work on the farm during the growing months. These children of 150 years ago would be busy from sun-up to sun-down with chores around the farm.

No longer is such a school year needed. With 10 weeks, off school, every July and August parents must plan and schedule their children’s time in camps and other activities. These same children need a number of weeks upon returning to school for review and to re-establish previously learned skills.

Scholars’ Hall has, once again taken leadership in the educational field, introduced a school year which allows parents and students a great deal of flexibility.

At the elementary level, it is a combination of the traditional school year (September to June) plus the option to have children continue learning, at Scholars’, all of July and August. This is a huge increase in a child’s instructional time each year.

At the high school level, it allows students to fast-track (earning 4 credits every four months rather that taking five months in the public system). Scholars’ grads will have a huge advantage because they will be able to be admitted to university at two additional times of entry, January and May while all of the public school students must compete with each other for limited spots each September.

This full-year schooling option allows every family to make their own decision regarding attendance in July and/or August as best suits their own plans. Some parents may keep their child at home for the summer; some parents may take their children on an extended visit to family and relatives in their home country for the summer; while some parents must continue work and will want their child to continue in the excellent learning environment at Scholars’ knowing that they have the flexibility to take their family vacation when ever is best suited for them.

The educational advantage is enormous and allows each child to progress well beyond any level they would be achieving in the publicly funded system.

The parent’s advantage is equally as great. Parents need not struggle to arrange activities, camps and sitters for the summer. The whole year remains the same. There is no disruption to the family’s daily routines.

A century ago, parents told educators that their children would not be in school because they were needed at home. Today, parents are telling the educators that there is no longer any reason why children should be at home and not be in school for 12 months instead of only eight and a half months a year. Now more than ever, our children need better than a century old education. Without an education equal to the children of China, Japan, Korea and many other countries, our children will be hard pressed to compete on a global basis.

Scholars’ Hall is listening to today’s parents and educating children for tomorrow’s reality

Tutoring Programs


Tutoring Programs

Extra Help Club

Enrichment Club

Junior Homework Club

Senior Homework Club 

Extra Help Club (EHC) and Homework Club (HWC) Pricing 2017/2018

Months EHC 2x/wk EHC 4x/wk EHC Saturday HWC 4x/wk HWC 3x/wk HWC 2x/wk
10 $1520 $2430 $1170 $2020 $1620 $1220
9 $1470 $2400 $1155 $2010 $1605 $1200
8 $1400 $2330 $1120 $1960 $1560 $1160
7 $1310 $2220 $1065 $1870 $1485 $1100
6 $1200 $2070 $990 $1740 $1380 $1020
5 $1070 $1880 $895 $1570 $1245 $920
4 $920 $1650 $780 $1360 $1080 $800
3 $750 $1380 $630 $1110 $885 $660
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Summer School

Registration is currently closed. Stay tuned for our Summer 2018 program details!


Continue To Learn While Others Forget

Summer School

JK, SK, and Grades 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8


Bring in the registration and payment before May 29th, 2017 for an early payment discount

Parents may register for Scholars’ Hall Summer School any time after January 1, 2017. The Scholars’ Hall Summer School experience can be as little as three weeks or as much as seven weeks.

from July 4th, 2017 to August 25th, 2017

Regular Tuition is $300 per week
Early registration by May 29th, 2017 $270 per week

Number of available seats is limited.
Early registration is recommended.

Register at OR

Please indicate when you want your child to start and the number of weeks he/she will be attending. Also provide your child’s full name, date-of-birth, present grade, home address and both home and work telephone number. Thank you.

Tuition is non-refundable as of registration.
Minimum registration is 3 weeks.
All weeks registered must be consecutive.
No reduction of tuition for attendance less than registration.

Our instructional day is 8:30 am to 3:30 pm, Monday to Friday. After school supervision is available till 5:30 each day at an additional fee of $25/week. Students will receive Ontario curriculum instruction appropriate to or greater than grade level just completed. Students will be grouped in classes according to academic skill/grade performance levels. Homework will be given daily. Tests will be given weekly. Report cards will be issued at the end of the registration. Student progress updates are made as parents require.

All students attending will be required to adhere to the Scholars’ Hall Code of Behaviour and Teachabilty. Non adherence to the Scholars’ Hall Code of Behaviour and Teachability will result in removal from the balance of the program with no refund of tuition.