Posted on: December 30th, 2019

Hello Mrs. McKee !! So happy to hear from you.
My last exam is on Thursday. My marks are great (90%+) and I’ve been studying pretty hard, so I’m not worried. I have to admit, from the beginning, I haven’t been able to keep off my mind how prepared Scholars’ made me for Nursing Degree. The skills I obtained at Scholars’ are ones other students, ages 20+, aren’t even close to. I’m the youngest in my class and the only one, straight out of high school, without Pre-Health. Even doing Chemistry online at Scholars’ was great because now my Anatomy and Physiology classes are online and I find them a lot more manageable because of my experience on line at Scholars’. Most nurses in my program don’t even know what APA* is, which surprised me. I’ve never gotten any marks deducted as a result of my written format. I’m probably the happiest and most independent I’ve ever been and I don’t think I would have felt as prepared as I am without my Scholars’ experience. I am proud to say that I am from Scholars’ Hall Private School. When people ask if it is filled with geniuses, I have to say yes, because it’s absolutely true for every individual at Scholars’ Hall. Everyone is a genius in their own way and Scholars’ brings that out in every student attending. Tell everyone I say hi and that I miss them all very much !! Have a great week.

( *APA is a university writing style taught at Scholar’s and expected at university )