Posted on: December 30th, 2019

Hi Fred,
Cassandra attended Scholars’ Hall for Grade 3 and Grade 4 after we removed her from the local Catholic School where she was horribly bullied. While she totally enjoyed being here and her grades soared, we worried about the class sizes being so small. While she had several really good friends, we were concerned about her not meeting kids in our own neighbourhood. When she attended Guides, she was always by herself because the other girls went to the local school together and did not include her.
Dave and I mistakenly decided to move her from Scholars’ Hall for the next two years (Grade 5 and Grade 6) to place her into the local Public School.
Our little experiment proved to be a huge disaster. Cassandra did not fit in well in the large, unruly classrooms. Her grades dropped, she was extremely unhappy and the girls in her class still did not include her in their groups at Guides. She ended up being very lonely.
This fall (2012), we have decided to bring her back to Scholars’ Hall. Cassandra has not stopped smiling since we told her. It was then that I realized something very important I had rarely seen her smile in the last two years. Her whole attitude has completely changed (for the better), knowing that she is coming home to her Scholars’ family.